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More Job Search Tips

Sensible  Solutions

Your goal: To get a great job NOW! You need the right resume, tips on interviewing and a strategy to pull it all together. If you're an employer looking to hire:We should talk about me recruiting candidates for you.

Forward Thinking

My articles and videos tackle job search topics you won't read answers to elsewhere. These are the real reasons why you're not getting callbacks, or answers to your nagging job search questions. 

Beyond The Box

My job search workshops bring my advice and experience to life. Participants leave energized and motivated with action steps which will shorten their search.

MyClient Strategy

I combine experience as a recruiter,

providing quality candidates to my business clients, with job search coaching to help job seekers understand the process from the employer's perspective.

Who IS This Person?

 With 20+ years of experience as a hiring manager and recruiter, in addition to 10+ years of experience as a resume writer, job interview and job search coach, Melanie Szlucha helps her clients successfully navigate the murky waters of job searching.

And with a background in improvisational comedy, she makes the journey fun, and helps clients put setbacks in perspective and regroup for the next challenge.