I attended a workshop that Melanie conducted on being prepared for and improving your job interview. Melanie gave the group great information to enable us to have a winning interview.

I had 4 interviews within 3 weeks after this class and had 4 job offers. The skills and information I learned definitely helped. 

Carey Hollander

GFI Mortgage Bankers

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Job Search Strategies Made Interesting

Looking For a Job Never Seemed Like So Much Fun!

With knowledge of the hiring process as a hiring manager and recruiter, a background in improvisational comedy, as well as a genuine empathy to the plight of job seekers, I present real-world advice on strategies that help candidates get jobs.

Please contact me for my fee structure, and I am available to travel

nationwide.  Classes are approximately 90 minutes, but can be tailored

to the audience's needs.

All courses can be extended with the remainder of the day of one-to-one coaching.

Topics (adaptable for a college or professional/executive audience):


5 Things You're Doing Wrong In Your Job Search -- And How to Fix Them

This course covers the most frequent tips I give my clients. I'll address easy ways

to customize a resume, what a good cover letter looks like, networking outside the

box, sealing the deal in the job interview, and following up without stalking.

Social Media and Your Job Search -- The Basics

Outlines how social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter work from an

employer and recruiter perspective, as well as their pros and cons to give job seekers 

the opportunity to assess for themselves if they should invest more time in incorporating those tools into the job search.

Making the First Call

These are the calls that everyone hates to make. Whether it's calling a networking contact, or reaching out to a hiring manager you don't know, those first few seconds of awkwardness are what everyone wishes they could avoid. Using proven techniques from a sales coach, I'll discuss strategies to quickly establish rapport and get past the gatekeeper.

Marketing Yourself

What's a personal "brand"? This session discusses why a job seeker must know what their value is to an employer, as well as their accomplishments, and be comfortable discussing them in an interview. I'll provide tips to help them introduce themselves more effectively and how to find accomplishments in their career that will be interesting to an employer.

Smile and Be Friendly: Taking the WORK Out of Networking

We've all seen it. Some people's idea of networking is either to pounce on the first person they meet, hand them their resume or business card, and ask for a job, or to completely avoid networking events.

This workshop teaches that being an effective networker starts with being friendly and genuine. We'll start off with foolproof icebreakers, questions that job seekers can ask which will make the listener feel special, and demonstrate that making one or two meaningful connections at an event can be more fruitful than a shotgun approach.

You Got the Job -- Now Keep It! Navigating the Finer Points of Being An Employee

Nobody wants to see a great entry-level candidate lose their first job. This course teaches what an employers expectations are, the importance of keeping the lines of communication open, and when to ask for a raise or promotion.


Decoding Job Descriptions

The job description outlines exactly what the employer wants, but most candidates are not using it effectively to tailor their resume and cover letter to fit the position.

This session covers strategies to "read" a company's corporate culture to start to build a picture of what the ideal candidate looks like, and to pick up on specific key words and phrases in the job description, then incorporate that information into customizing their resume and cover letter to demonstrate that fit.

How to Fix a Broken Resume

I'll demonstrate specific tactics that make it easy to customize the resume for an employer, and ways of writing the resume that quickly highlight compelling accomplishments.


Ending Sweaty Palms and Awkward Answers -- A Better Way of Preparing for Job Interviews

Job interviews are simply about an employer getting to know a candidate beyond what they have read on a resume. I developed the TODAY acronym as a way for candidates to focus their preparation, and remember those experiences that will help them be seen as the ideal candidate for the job. This course also prepares candidates for the 5 questions they will always be asked.

Job Interview Challenge

This session takes mock interviews to the next level. First, we'll discuss a consistent set of criteria that the audience will use to "score" candidates. I'll then interview volunteer candidates in front of the room asking basic questions regarding their prior work history. The audience then ranks each candidate, discusses what he or she did well, and provides constructive comments to help them improve. The winner receives a $20 Amazon.com gift card.

Interview Like a Presidential Candidate

This session includes clips from the 2012 Presidential Debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney. We look at the candidate's effective strategies that earned voter trust, as well as those that eroded their standing. We'll also discuss my TODAY concept to prepare for interviews. This workshop does NOT discuss the political beliefs of either candidate; we review the presentation styles that are applicable to a job interview situation.

Using Improv Comedy Techniques for Better Job Interviews

Improvisational comedy techniques have little to do with being funny, and everything to do with really listening to what's being asked in an interview and responding appropriately. Making a genuine connection with the listener is key to building rapport and trust, which leads to additional job opportunities.